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Date aired: July 2, 2007

Guest: Bill Wolfe, DDS, NMD, homeopathic dentist

Topic: Dentistry, energy flow and health


Sharon (paraphrased): Todayís guest is Dr. Bill Wolfe, a dentist from Albuquerque, NM, with a special interest in homeopathic medicine, energy flow in the body, and the relationship of dentistry to overall health. Bill, could you tell us about yourself?

Bill Wolfe (paraphrased): In the 1970ís, while I was a practicing dentist, I became very ill and developed a cancerous tumor. At that time, I held my hands up to a mercury detection device developed by OSHA and discovered that my body was oozing mercury, undoubtedly from mercury silver amalgam fillings. I havenít installed a mercury filling since.†††

S: Tell us more about your self-therapy. Thatís important because the show stresses self-education and personal responsibility in health issues.

B: I began studying alternative/complimentary therapies in Europe, especially homeopathy, which examines the energetic essence of who we are and teaches that the latticework for the movement of energy through the body is just as important as the physical structure. Unfortunately, most physicians and dentists just look at the physical. Our body is an electromagnetic field that creates a definite, visible aura. We are composed of waves and currents that are designed to function in a certain balance. Every field has its ideal resonance or frequency. When you come right down to it, energy is all there really is. When something interferes with that, the system gets thrown out of kilter and the body is forced to compensate. In our world of microwaves and multiple TV, telephone and radio signals, interference is everywhere.

S: Tell us more about energy.

B: We may not know exactly what energy is, but we know when we have it and we know when we donít. The Chinese consider pain to be always caused by blocked energy flow.

S: What to should we all know about the mouth?

B: First of all, and the ADA might dispute this, itís part of the body. Your jaw and teeth are immensely portent to the body. If your jaw if off, it can affect your posture, your spine and all sorts of things. Likewise tooth decay and periodontal disease.

B: Tell us more about dental health.

B: First of all, I agree with our concept of personal responsibility. Your doctor works for you and should meet your needs. In my practice, I have what I call a ďDollar Exam,Ē where the patient can come and talk to me about his dental health needs, or anything else, for a dollar. Also, as I said, I believe the mouth and the body are interrelated. High levels of mouth bacteria have been correlated with heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc. And periodontal disease is not just confined to the gums, itís systemic. Mouth bacteria are just as happy to live in the stomach as the mouth and you need to get rid of them.

S: What do you recommend for mouth hygiene?

B: First of all, just do it and worry about the details later. Iíve developed a bunch of all-natural dental products, most involving aloevera, a desert plant that has great healing qualities. Mouthwashes should not contain alcohol, whiteners should only be used if they are pressed against the teeth and not spread though the mouth, and you should brush after every meal and include the tongue. I also recommend digestive enzymes to make sure youíre getting maximum nutrition for then food you eat.

Caller: What is our opinion of tai-chi and therapeutic magnets?

B: Iím a big fan of Tai-Chi as a discipline to move energy and keep energy pathways clear. And Iíve used magnets frequently in the jaw. And speaking of energy paths, did you know that your teeth are part of the acupuncture meridian system? Your teeth can effect your lungs, intestines, lumbar and sacral vertebrae, etc. Unhealthy teeth, or teeth with mercury amalgam fillings, can block the meridian paths.

S: Thank you so much, Dr. Wolfe. My next guest is Dr. Janet Hodder, who is a Marine Biologist with the University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology at Coos Bay.