Best Relief of Blurred Vision when Caused By Dry Eye

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Best Relief of Blurred Vision when Caused By Dry Eye

Nature's Tears® EyeMist®

Blurred vision, or "blurry eyes," is a common complaint that can result from one or more of several dozen conditions. Causes of blurred vision range from nearsightedness and farsightedness to eye strain, cataracts, migraine headaches, macular degeneration, brain tumors and dry eye. The best relief of blurred vision, when caused by dry eye, is to alleviate the "dryness" by supplementing the lost tear film water.


Dry eye is a frequent cause of blurred vision. Dry eye may be defined as dehydration or partial loss of water from the ocular tear film that covers the eyes' exposed portions. The tear film is normally 98-percent water. When the surrounding environment, or certain diseases, cause the tear film to lose a portion of its natural water content, the resulting dehydration can produce numerous complaints, including blurred vision.

Other physical complaints associated with dry eye, in addition to blurred vision, include eye discomfort, itchy eyes, grainy eyes, red eyes, burning eyes, headache, eye strain and increased feelings of stress. Watery eyes can also be a associated with dry eye. When the tear film - technically known as "basal tears," loses water, the eye does its best to compensate and provide relief by producing reflex tears resulting in watery or teary eyes.

When blurred vision is associated with dry eye, the blurriness tends to occur late in the day and usually goes away either upon blinking the eyes a few times or resting.

The best relief of blurred vision caused by dry eye is obtained by increasing the natural fresh water content of the dehydrated tear film. The best way to increase tear film water content is to apply Nature's Tears® EyeMist® whenever the eyes become blurry, red, tired or uncomfortable.

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