Natures Tears® EyeMist® - Dry eye EyeMist in a Spray

Nature's Tears® EyeMist®
Pure Water MIST to Hydrate Dry Eyes

The All-Natural, Patented Alternative to Eye Drops for Dry Eye Disease and Tear Film Hydration.

Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® All-natural hydration for dry eye. Just-a-MIST® Instantly adds all-natural moisture (water) to the eyes' tear film - Without eye drops!

Nature's Tears® EYE MIST® - the all-natural alternative:
* Breakthrough United States patent ...more
* Supplemental EYE MIST moisture for dry eye disease ...more
* 100% all-natural water ...more
* The safety and convenience of MISTing ...more
* No dripping, no mess ...more
* Non-saline ...more
* No burning eyes or blurred vision ...more
* No dosage limit ...more
* Four year shelf-life ...more
* EYE MIST® - The ONLY all-natural alternative for: Dry eye disease, computer vision syndrome, red eye, burning eyes, itching eyes, eye allergies, eye fatigue, eye irritation from perspiration, tear film dehydration and tear film moisture loss.
* MISTing directions and demonstration - DISCOVER THE ALTERNATIVE TO EYEDROPS! ...more

Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® - All-natural, 100% water. EYEMIST® alternative for dry eye, dry air, dry tear film, dry eyelid hydration and computer vision syndrome.
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And remember: Someone goes blind every 4 seconds * 1.6 billion people lack abundant and safe water * 100 US cities are listed as "Dry Eye Hot Spots" * 35 million people will be blind by 2030, and … YOU HAVE THE POWER TO PROTECT YOUR VISION!

* Breakthrough United States patent
US Patent #7,524,511-B1, METHOD AND KIT FOR MOISTURIZING THE SURFACE OF THE EYE, April 9, 2009. The first US patent on the application of water as a fine mist to re-hydrate the natural tear film.

* Supplemental moisture for dry eye disease
Research has discovered that with dehydration of the eye, too much water (moisture) evaporates from the tear film's aqueous layer. The Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® alternative replaces only the lost water while leaving intact the complex natural protective tear film structure.

* 100% all-natural water
Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® contains 100% Bio-Logic Aqua® tissue culture grade water, which is naturally pH balanced and correct for application as a fine MIST to the eyes

* Safe and convenient
This personal portable hand-held device applies the EYEMIST® in seconds. No formulated chemicals, non-allergenic, 100% safe. No need to stop what you're doing, tilt your head back or hold your eyelids open.

* No dripping, no mess
Conventional eye drops: A single drop of artificial tears or redness reliever contains up to ten times the volume of the natural tear film. This can flood the tear film and disrupt the natural lipid layer that slows moisture evaporation. It can also drip down the face and cause eye discomfort.

* Non-saline
Most conventional eye drop formulations contain saline solution, which can sting. Recent discoveries show that when the tear film lacks sufficient moisture, re-hydration requires only water. Additional salt (saline) can cause discomfort.

* No burning eyes or blurred vision
Conventional eye drops can cause burning and itching eyes, blurred vision and allergic reactions.

* No dosage limit
Since Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® is 100% safe and contains only all-natural water, it may be applied as often as desired - every few minutes if necessary. Conventional eye drops are limited to four to six applications per day. Nature's Tears® EYEMIST® - The all-natural alternative!

* Four year shelf-life
Because the sterile water EYEMIST® is released from a specially designed sealed container, it cannot become contaminated or losE potency or sterility. The seal's life expectancy is four years.

MISTing directions
To release EYEMIST®, point nozzle towards face and press actuator. Unlike eye drops, the EYEMIST® doesn't need to go directly into your eyes, just near your eyes, and it's OK to blink. The EYEMIST® moisturizes and hydrates dry eyelids!

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