Natures Tears® EyeMist® - Biomedical Research Center

Biomedical Research

Research by the Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Biomedical Research Center has yielded a vault of discoveries about the way human skin and eyes absorb moisture. Two products of this research, Nature's Tears EyeMist and Nature's Mist skin moisture, are revolutionizing the treatment of dry skin and dry irritated eyes. Research continues into the application of Bio-Logic Aqua for dry mouth, tissue cell research, surgical healing, first-aid, etc.

Sharon Kleyne, the company's Founder and Chairman, is also Research Director. Principal research consultants, and Board Members of the company's Medical/Dental Research Unit, include Dr. William Mathers, a leading dry eye researcher and Professor of Ophthalmology at Oregon Health and Sciences University; Dr. Julia Oxford, Professor of Biochemistry at Boise State University, and other well known scientists and physicians.