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Affiliate Oppurtunities

The Foundation Corps of Executives

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies seeks individuals with excellent sales backgrounds to purchase businesses as Independent Sales Consultants in exclusive territories around the country. Assigned territories generally consist of the area in and around a city, or region of a state. Consultants would represent Nature's Tears EyeMist, and other products as introduced. The program is called the " The Foundation Corps of Executives ." The company is confident that this buy-in program could develop into lucrative businesses for the Consultants.

Position description.

Duties consist of:

  1. Developing new sales accounts
  2. Monitoring existing large accounts
  3. Conducting promotional programs

New accounts are compensated on a straight commission basis. Since the potential markets are myriad, this category is limited only by the Consultant's energy and creativity. "Monitoring" includes making sure products are on the shelf and advantageously displayed, noting when stores are sold out, obtaining and reporting feedback, and demonstrating correct product application. Consultants are paid a salary for monitoring. "Promotional programs" may involve public appearances on the company's behalf, in-store demonstrations, and activities such as running mall kiosks and conducting sales parties. Consultants are paid a salary for some promotional activities, while others are compensated through re-sale of product purchased by the Consultant.

Candidates must have resided within the assigned region for at least one year immediately prior to hiring. The position may start out as a second, part-time job but the Consultant must be prepared to go full-time within one-year.

Potential markets.

  • Ophthalmologist offices
  • Optometrists and opticians.
  • Naturopaths.
  • Chiropractors.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Independent drug stores.
  • Independent convenience stores.
  • Retirement and nursing homes.
  • College book and gift stores.
  • Home medical supply stores.
  • Airport gift and magazine stores.
  • Casinos (where the air can get very smoky).
  • Beauty salons.
  • Spas and skin estheticians.
  • Local trade fairs.
  • County fairs.
  • Health and beauty expos.
  • Bridal fairs.
  • Senior centers and AARP organizations.
  • Mall kiosks.
  • Home parties.
  • In-store product demonstrations.
  • Corporate offices (computer eye irritation).

Fees and expectations.

Consultants will purchase a sales kit for $2,000, which is also a buy-in fee. Newly hired Consultants will submit a 12-month Business Plan, following a format provided by the company, outlining how they intend to reach the minimum requirement of $500/day in gross sales the first month and each month thereafter. A revised Business Plan is required every twelve months.

Dress code

The company maintains a dress code and motif (black and white) that must be observed at all times when representing the company. A fashion catalogue of company approved clothing will be made available at discount prices, or the consultant may select their own clothing that conforms with the code Replica watches

What the company provides.

  • Sales kit including order forms, product samples, catalogues, product brochures, discount coupons, a company briefcase, company stationery; flyers, press releases, reprints and other background material; special gift sets, etc. There will be an additional charge for restocking these items when Consultants run out.
  • Exclusive territory including any information the company has about that territory.
  • Telephone or e-mail consultation, support and supervision, with occasional on-site visitation.
  • Online training in sales technique, product demonstration and product background.
  • Annual meeting in Grants Pass at employees' tax deductible expense. The company will pay for transportation and accommodations for the top five representatives.
  • National product advertising.
  • Sales contests and spiffs. Trips, etc., for top sales producers.