Natures Tears® EyeMist® - Tired Eyes could be Dry Eyes
PRESS RELEASE - May 20, 2011

Tired Eyes could be Dry Eyes

Nature's Tears® EyeMist® - All-Natural Relief for Dry Eye and Tired Eyes

  • When your eyes feel tired for no real (apparent) reason, dry eye could be the cause (especially if it occurs frequently and/or while working at a computer, reading or watching TV).

  • "Tired eyes," "eye strain" or "eye fatigue" may be an early symptom of dry eye syndrome.

  • Dry eye syndrome is a disease of dehydration and inflammation involving loss of natural water in the protective tear film covering the eyes. Earliest symptoms include transitory blurred vision and eye fatigue, followed by red eye and a burning or grainy sensation.

  • Dry eye occurs when there is insufficient water (moisture) in the eyes' protective tear film (it should be 98% water). Tear film dehydration can be caused by insufficient tear production, poor tear film quality and environmental factors that increase tear film evaporation. These are rarely mutually exclusive.

  • Insufficient tear film's water produces an over-concentration of electrolytes and the production of inflammatory hormones. Reduced water content increases electrolyte concentration and allergy and bacteria susceptibility, resulting in itching, watery, red or tired eyes.

  • Dry eye and tired eyes may be associated with dry air, air pollutants such as smoke, indoor air, excessive heat or cold, numerous dehydration diseases, medications, wind, low humidity, computer use, airline travel, strenuous activities, fatigue, stress, poor DIET, not drinking enough water, allergies and much more.

  • The traditional dry eye remedy has been formulated eye drops. However, eye drops can flood and disrupt the natural tear film structure, increasing the potential for evaporative water loss. "Redness relievers" for red eye and tired eyes may contain decongestants and antihistamines, which are further dehydrating.

  • Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, recently received a United States patent on an all-natural eye mist application for dry eyes. The application is Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, the only all-natural, non-eye drop product for dry eye, allergy eyes and tired eyes.

    • No other product is as natural, safe or biocompatible with the eye and tear film.

    • Nature's Tears EyeMist contains 100% all-natural Bio-Logic Aqua tissue culture grade water. Unlike eye drops, the mist contains no saline, preservatives or formulated compounds. Nature's Tears EyeMist is completely safe, healthy and non-allergenic.

  • Sharon Kleyne's research has led to numerous dry eye and tired eye discoveries:

    • Earth's changing environment is causing an increase in dehydration diseases such as dry eye, tired eyes and allergy eyes. The air is too dry, both indoors and outdoors, due to pollution, climate change and "techno" environments.

    • Dry air and dehydration diseases (body water loss from birth) are the world's #1 environmental health issues. 80% of eye doctor visits now relate to dry eye and tired eyes. Every four seconds, someone goes blind and 100 US cities are listed as "dry eye hot spot."

    • To prevent dry eye and maintain eye health (eyes are the mirror of your body), Sharon Kleyne recommends drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, regular exercise, lots of fresh air, productive sleep, stress management, a proper diet and plenty of "eye foods" (green, leafy vegetables and - you guessed it - carrots!)

  • Sharon Kleyne's all-water, all-natural discoveries for dry eye, tired eyes and allergy eyes are endorsed by universities, doctors and scientists worldwide for their innovative approach to natural eye hydration.


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