Natures Tears® EyeMist® - Eye Mist and Dry Eyes, an Ophthalmologist's Perspective

Eye Mist and Dry Eyes, an Ophthalmologist's Perspective

Dr. Philip Paden talks about the latest dry eye breakthrough

Guest: Philip Paden, MD (Medford, OR), Ophthalmologist, owner of Paden Eye Care Center.

This is a paraphrased summary of an interview on the Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water Internet radio talk show on World Talk Radio, Apple iTunes and Green Talk Network. Sharon Kleyne is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, water and health advocate, and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research and Save a Child's Life Foundation. To hear the complete show, go to

Dr. Philip Paden is an ophthalmologist in Medford Oregon, who also taught Chemistry at Cornell University. He is participating in the research into the importance of natural water, moisture, hydration and dry eye disease in eye health and vision and was an early advocate of natural eye misting for dry eye symptoms and tear film dehydration.

According to Dr. Paden, most people would rather be deaf or crippled than blind. Although our eyes are about the same as they were 100,000 years ago, our environment has changed drastically, mostly in three areas:

1. We now live much longer. Instead of 30 or 40, we typically live to 80 or 90. That means our eyes are more likely to develop problems. The cornea and retina may need to be repaired and the delicate glands that produce tears and prevent dry eye may begin to fail.

2. We are subjected to city air, with its high ozone and particulate pollution, inversion layers, etc., which are dehydrating, irritating, not natural and a major cause of dry eye.

3. Indoor air is also dehydrating, irritating and a cause of dry eye. Technologically controlled environments were supposed to be the final word, but we ended up with forced-air heating and cooling, insulated walls and window, and a myriad of chemicals.

Dr. Paden reported that dry eye is the most common medical complaint that eye doctors encounter. He is he believes that natural eye misting is an easy, quick and all-natural way to replenish lost moisture in dry eyes. He has handed out thousands of samples eye mist products to his patients.

Sharon asked Dr. Paden about the tear film. The cornea, according to Dr. Paden, which is the eye's main light transmitter, is made up of living tissue with cells and nerves. It has no blood vessels or skin and is not naturally shiny. The shininess, enabling it to transmit images, comes from the tear film, which also provides oxygen in lieu of blood.

The tear film consists of a MUCIN layer, an AQUEOUS layer which is mostly natural water, salt, growth factors, antibodies, etc., and a LIPID layer, a single-molecule oil coating that prevents water evaporation.

Dr. Paden noted that the air in many US cities are especially conducive to dry eye, as in the air in Australia (because of UV radiation), China, Mexico, India and Brazil. He recommends for eye and tear film health, dark green leafy vegetables such as kale, chard, spinach, arugula and leaf lettuce. He also suggests natural flax seed oil and omega-3 fatty acids.

Regarding computers, Dr. Paden notes that normally, we blink 30 to 40 times a minute, which keeps the eyes hydrated and prevents dry eye. When engrossed in something like TV or a computer, we may blink only three or four times a minute. This can quickly lead to dry eye symptoms because the less you blink, the more evaporation takes place.

Sharon Kleyne's Evaluation: I was interested in hearing from Dr. Paden because he is an advocate of proper nutrition and all-natural eye misting for dry eye symptoms, and because he observes and treats dry eye on a daily basis for thousands of patients. He recommends proactive control of your own health and lifestyle, including nutritious all-natural foods, plenty of exercise and sleep, sufficient water, watching for health issues such as dry eye, and staying healthy in general. He also recommends natural eye misting for dry eye symptoms or when you are at risk for dry eye.


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