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Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies is seeking an experienced and highly talented individual to head a rapidly expanding Direct Marketing program. Responsibilities include; (1) working as a management team member, (2) supervising, training, motivating and providing strong leadership to direct marketing employees, (3) providing accurate feedback to management on customer needs and reactions.

Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies is a rapidly growing, highly innovative company whose products are nationally advertised and available in tens of thousands of stores nationwide.

The successful candidate must live in or be willing to move to Grants Pass, Oregon.

1. Five years combined experience in the following areas: Direct sales and/or marketing, personnel supervision, motivation and training, planning and strategy, project and management teams.
2. The company is looking for an individual who not only meets the specific qualifications but can provide strong leadership and direction for many years. Compensation.

Salary and commission negotiable. Paid benefits. Much promotion potential as company grows.