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New Business of Water Available on

Nature's Tears EyeMist for Dry Eye and Eye Allergies

Sharon Kleyne, international water advocate and Founder of the Bio-Logic Aqua Water Research Center, recently announced that her American company's breakthrough water products are now available on

"Amazon is ideal for our company's new business of water," explains Mrs. Kleyne. "Amazon is open 24 hours a day and has a global outreach. Our Bio-Logic Aqua water products fit extremely well with Amazon's commitment to green marketing. Our products are 100% environmentally safe, friendly and all-natural, with no artificial ingredients or harmful propellants.

"The global water business," Mrs. Kleyne observes, "has always been dominated by beverage and European spa waters. Bio-Logic Aqua Research, an American company, is the first to take the water business in an entirely new direction to meet changing health and water requirements in an increasingly crowded, polluted and drying world."

Bio-Logic Aqua Research offers three products on All three contain only the company's trade secret, "Bio-Logic Aqua all-natural tissue culture grade water," to naturally humidify dry eyes and dry skin with a bio-compatible, pH correct water. Skin lotions and formulated eye drops do not add moisture to dry, dehydrated eyes or skin.

Nature's Tears EyeMist, Bio-Logic Aqua's signature product, is available in thousands of drugstores nationwide. This all-natural, personal hand-held device humidifies the air in front of the eyes, which the tear film naturally absorbs. The mist contains the correct natural solute content, pH balance and osmolarity to increase tear film water content to alleviate dry eye and eye allergy symptoms.

This American product, is endorsed by ophthalmologists, optometrists, pharmacists and dry eye researchers worldwide. The product received a United States patent in April, 2009 as the first of its kind to describe misting the eyes and tear film with water to soothe dry eyes.

Nature's Tears EyeMist is available at under "Health and Personal Care/Eyes" and "Beauty."

Nature's Mist is a personal hand-held mist device to moisturize dry skin. Formerly sold in high-end department stores, this American product is available exclusively at online venues. The all-natural mist was proven ideal and correct to moisturize skin with maximum retention and benefit. The product instantly restores faded cosmetic colors and restores water to aging and thinning skin.

Nature's Mist is available as under "Health and Personal Care/Skin."

Bio Med Wash is an emergency first aid eye wash and skin wash used by first responders, the U.S. military, medical workers, industrial workers and home first aid. This American product is now available to the general public for the first time on, under "Health and Personal Care."

Bio-Logic Aqua Research was founded by Sharon Kleyne in Grants Pass, Oregon, two decades ago, out of concern for the health effects of water, pollution, climate change and dry air.

"The number one global environmental threat to health," Mrs. Kleyne explains, "is that the air we breathe is becoming too dry. Our 'breath of life' is endangered. Everyone knows the air is polluted and dirty but few realize that as a result, the air is losing its life-giving clean water (humidity)."

"I am excited about and the new business of water," says Mrs. Kleyne. "With Amazon's assistance, my company's personal hand-held water misting devices could empower every individual to provide their own instant humidity supplement for dry skin and dry eyes, regardless of how dirty or dry the air."

"Earth will always change," she concludes, "and for life to survive for eternity, we must learn to adapt to the changes. In the current global environment, with Amazon's help, it is realistic to predict that Bio-Logic Aqua's business of water products will one day be as indispensable as drinking water, clothing, sunscreen and lip balm."

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