Natures Tears® EyeMist® - Press Release - Occupational Health and Eyesight Symposium

Occupational Health and Eyesight Symposium


Topics to be addressed include an overview of emergent workplace and environmental risks negatively impacting occupational health and new approaches to adult & pediatric eyesight wellness

Los Angeles, CA, January 30, 2007: Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder & Chairman and topical hydrotherapy pioneer and eyesight and occupational wellness advocate Sharon F. Kleyne has announced plans for a major, year-long "2007 Bio-Logic Aqua Research International Symposium On Occupational Health And Eyesight Wellness Responsibility" - that will evaluate and address the environmental, behavioral and lifestyle changes threatening occupational health standards and adult and pediatric eyesight health worldwide- and identify positive choices that people everywhere can make in their own lives right now.

Kleyne with the Bio-Logic Aqua Research medical team will launch and preview this ambitious and unprecedented symposium with an opening session at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Tue., January 30 when she will introduce key participants and outline the endeavor's scope and objectives. The 12:30PM event will begin with a luncheon and feature a keynote address at 1:30PM. On February 6, Mrs. Kleyne will host a satellite press tour to further present her discoveries, stimulate public opinion and elevate global awareness. The event will announce her campaign to make 2007 "The Year Of Eyesight Wellness."

The "2007 Bio-Logic Aqua Research International Symposium on Occupational Health and Eyesight Wellness Responsibility" will comprise an international consortium of prominent ophthalmologists, scientists, researchers, occupational health specialists, industry analysts and more. Sharon Kleyne envisions the symposium as a crucial way to raise awareness and educate people about the emergent threats to occupational health and to introduce new therapies for eyesight wellness, which she sees as a growing global health crisis. As Founder & Chairman of Bio-Logic Aqua Research - the only company worldwide specializing solely in advanced topical hydrotherapies using ultra-pure tissue culture grade water for pharmaceutical applications - Kleyne is already seen as a visionary in the field of these new technologies and in the overall arena of eyesight wellness responsibility. Safe, sterile, all natural and chemical/preservative free, her company's widely distributed, signature product, Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, represents a paradigm-shifting breakthrough application for the tear film and dry eyes.

Among the factors Kleyne cites as major threats compromising occupational health and eyesight wellness are workplace and home environments with low air humidity, poor room ventilation, pollution, dust, wall and window insulation, fluorescent lighting, computer and television screens, forced air heating and cooling and much more. "Unfortunately, too many dry eye symptoms either go unnoticed or are not recognized as originating in the eyes," Kleyne says, "In addition to obvious symptoms such as irritation, itching and burning, dry eye symptoms can include stress, chronic fatigue, frequent allergies and colds, a dread of going to work, easy distraction, etc. These can lead to depression, poor health and lost productivity. Eye dehydration often precedes environmentally caused problems of the skin, mouth, lungs and body."

"While adults and many seniors have adjusted to this emerging artificial, digital world, our children," adds Kleyne, "are completely submersed in it. Prolonged and increasing usage of digital devices in man-made environments is causing eye stress and impacting pediatric vision development. The long-term eye health ramifications are simply not known. The current evidence strongly suggests the need for new approaches to occupational health and aggressive behavioral adjustments for improving eyesight wellness. Something is happening to all of us, and we need to study it carefully."

To that end, Sharon Kleyne and Grants Pass, Oregon-based Bio-Logic Aqua Research (the topical hydrotherapy sciences division of Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies Corporation) is leading into 2007 - The Year Of Eyesight Wellness - with the Jan. 30 unveiling of the symposium "2007 Bio-Logic Aqua Research International Symposium on Occupational Health and Eyesight Wellness Responsibility."

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