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New All-Natural Dry Eye Water Mist now on

Patented Mist Spray for Dry Eyelids, Contact Lenses, Eye Allergies, Computer Vision Syndrome and Post-Lasik Dry Eye

American Woman Owned Company All-Natural Power of Water® Solution - A Revolutionary Approach to Dry Eye

Sharon Kleyne, water advocate, researcher, radio talk show host and American woman entrepreneur has chosen e-commerce and for distribution and education for her company's all-natural dry eye water mist, Nature's Tears EyeMist.

"We are excited about," Mrs. Kleyne explains. "We are reaching many new customers through them for our patented eye mist/spray for dry eyelids, contact lenses, eye allergies, computer vision syndrome and post-Lasik dry eye. Also, Amazon has been very supportive of our educational mission."

Nature's Tears EyeMist represents an entirely new approach to dry eye and to dry eye related symptoms. Because of this new approach, demonstrating the product and educating the public about dry eye and the ocular tear film are essential. According to Mrs. Kleyne, had been instrumental in enabling Nature's Tears EyeMist to cost effectively achieve its demonstration and education objectives.

"," explains Mrs. Kleyne, "enables shoppers to easily find our Nature's Tears EyeMist website ( and our educational blog, "What Is the Eye" ( Shoppers may then order directly from us, go to their local pharmacy or order through As a result, sales at all venues, including, are expanding."

Sharon's Kleyne and her company, Bio-Logic Aqua Research, was the first to approach dry eye symptoms by focusing on replenishing lost natural moisture in the ocular tear film while leaving all other natural tear film components intact. An April, 2009, Mrs. Kleyne obtained a United States patent on this new approach.

"Nature's Tears EyeMist," says Mrs. Kleyne, "moisturizes the tear film with a spray mist consisting of droplets of water with an average diameter between 5 and 150 microns. The mist is sufficient to fully hydrate the tear film without chemicals, additives, saline solution or preservatives. Proteins and electrolytes present in the tear film prior to delivery of the water mist are still present following delivery, with no blurring, burning, disorientation or osmotic shock."

According to Mrs. Kleyne, commercial eye drop preparations flood the tear film and may wash way electrolytes, antibodies, beneficial proteins, existing tear film water, and especially lipids whose purpose is to prevent existing water from evaporating. In most cases, eye drops contain little or no free water to supplement the dry tear film.

"Nature's Tears EyeMist," explains Mrs. Kleyne, "is the first product to concentrate entirely on restoring the natural structure of the existing tear film. Because no other product does this, no other product can offer credible tear film education. That's why it is so important, for the sake of their vision and the health of their eyes, that the public understands the role of all-natural water in tear film health and alleviation of dry eye symptoms.

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