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How to Use Eye Drops Safely

Educating Seniors on Safe Eye Drop Use and Dry Eye

The "All-Natural Eye Mist" Alternative

Research has discovered a growing need for proactive education how to use eye drops safely, especially among seniors. Dry eye disease (or dry eye syndrome) is a crisis among people over 65, many of whom rely on formulated eye drops. Frequent eye drop use may create a safety risk for older people, who are more likely to, (1) live alone, (2) be on medication, (3) have unsteady hands, (4) have poor coordination, (5) have poor balance, and (6) have low vision. It is never a good idea to apply eye drops while alone.

Eye drop users should also be aware of "all-natural eye misting," a new and patented approach to supplementing lost natural eye moisture caused by dry eye. Eye mists (or eye sprays) do not replace doctor prescribed eye drops but are safely and easily applied between eye drop applications. Eye mists utilize an ultra-fine water mist applied from a hand-held device. All eye drop users, no matter what their age, should be aware of: the following safety suggestions regarding eye drops and eye mist.

Eye Drop Safety Eye Mist Safety
How to Use Eye Drops Safely Applying eye drops for dry eye require tilting the head back, holding the eyelid open and holding a dropper near the eye. User may experience burning eyes, blurred vision and disorientation following application.
  • For individuals with poor coordination or balance, it is safer to sit down when applying eye drops.
  • Assistance is recommended for individuals with Parkinson's, arthritis or unsteady hands.
  • Medications may cause unsteady hands and diminished coordination and balance.
  • It is never a good idea to apply eye drops while alone, no matter what your age.
  • Remain seated until the burning and blurring are over.
How to Use Eye Drops Safely Eye mist/eye spray for dry eye is applied with a sweep in front of the face, without an eyedropper. There is no head-tilting, no eyelid lifting, no blurred vision and no disorientation. The mist is quickly and easily applied and safe for all ages to apply unsupervised. Often you don't even need to stop what you're doing - eye mist can be applied while driving a car, walking or riding a bicycle.
Sterility. Problem can arise from loss of sterility in the eye drops or the dropper.
  • Opening the bottle exposes the contents to the air.
  • Touching the dropper with your hands, face or eye may cause contamination that can be transferred to the bottle contents or to your eyes.
Sterility. Eye mist is contained in a sealed hand-held unit that remains sterile even after many applications. The all-natural mist goes directly from the sealed container to your eye, with no opportunity for contamination.
Dosage limit. Read directions and label warnings carefully and do not over apply. Dosage limit. There is no dosage limit. Apply eye mist as often as desired, including between allowable eye drop applications. The mist is 100% safe for seniors, adults, children and infants.
Shelf life. Read the label carefully to determine if there is a "sell-by" date or a "discard after" date. Shelf life. Eye mist has a four year shelf-life.

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