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Tissue-Culture Grade Water

      Dr. Julia Oxford, a Cellular and Molecular Biologist from Oregon Health Sciences University and a Bio-Logic Aqua TechnologiesTM consultant,has been studying the all-natural spring water at Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies® for a decade and has concluded that the water is of tissue-culture grade quality and "uniquely beneficial in improving skin cell growth." Dr. Oxford's 1999 findings could provide researchers around the world with something they've never had before; a reliable standard water that is all-natural, consistent in analysis and ideally suited for cell tissue cultures.

      What is Tissue-Culture Grade Water?
      By Julia Oxford, PhD.
      Tissue-culture grade water is a high-grade water with no impurities or contaminants. To be considered tissue-culture grade, the water is tested for its ability to support cell growth and maintenance in the laboratory when used to reconstitute growth medium for the cells. The pH of the water should be between 5.7 and 7.0. Inorganic matter is present in minute quantities in tissue-culture grade water. Certain levels of inorganic molecules are essential for maintenance and growth of living cells. However, if levels are too high, growth of cells in culture may be hindered.
      Organic matter is absent from tissue-culture grade water. This includes organic molecules such as proteins, pesticides, herbicides, tannins and detergents, all of which could interfere with cell and tissue cultures. Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and algae are absent, as are breakdown products of these organisms (pyrogens). The water is of low toxicity and endotoxin free.
      (end of Oxford statement)

      All-natural tissue-culture grade water is essential in the NATURE'S TEARS® mist product for dry eye. Tissue-culture grade water is absorbed more readily and promotes health and natural balances better than other waters. The water's solute content, mist application system and volume metering system are compatible with the eyes' natural processes so the product cannot be overused. The mist is applied quickly and conveniently, with no discomfort.

If you have any questions about tissue-culture grade water or Dr. Oxford's studies, please contact the company.

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