Alleviate Dry Eye and Eye Allergies
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Humidifying Tear Film Discovered to Alleviate Dry Eye and Eye Allergies

A New Approach to Red, Itchy, Watery Eyes from Bio-Logic Aqua Research Founder Sharon Kleyne

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Spring and summer are the worst seasons for eye allergy discomfort. A new, easy, effective and inexpensive method of preventing or soothing eye allergies, according to eye health advocate Sharon Kleyne, is to pay attention to the water content of your eyes' tear film.

Sharon Kleyne is host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated radio show and founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research discussed seasonal eye allergies in a recent interview.

An "allergy," according to Mrs. Kleyne, is defined as "an adverse immunological reaction to a substance that normally does not produce such a reaction." Adverse reactions to pollens, mold spores and pet dander are "allergies" because most people are not bothered by them. These substances are referred to as "allergens" or "allergic triggers" (Medicine Net, 2012)

With allergic individuals, allergen exposure causes "mast cells" to release a substance called "histamine," which causes blood vessels to swell, producing the familiar symptoms (AACL, 2010).

The typical allergic reaction produces symptoms in the eyes, breathing passages and skin. Some allergens only bother the eyes. Eye allergy symptoms include red, itchy, watery eyes, headache, and fatigue. Common seasonal allergens include tree, grass and weed pollen. Non-seasonal allergens include pet dander, molds and dust mites. (AACL, 2010).

The eye's first line of defense against allergies and other eye irritants is the complex tear film that covers the optical surface. The tear film is 99% water and factors such as air conditioning, computer use and hot dry weather, can cause slight, moderate or even severe tear film water loss (dry eye) (Mathers, 2005).

If you happen to be sensitive to allergens such as pollen, the allergic reaction will be more severe if your tear film has diminished water and dry eye symptoms because the allergens will be more concentrated. Your eyes will produce "reflex tears" to wash out the allergens, causing the familiar "watery eyes." However, the reflex tears may also contain histamines (Mathers, 2005).

An effective method of soothing allergy eyes (and dry eye), according to Sharon Kleyne, is to naturally and gently restore lost tear film water by occasionally adding pure, pH-balanced humidity (airborne water droplets) to the air around the eyes. The humid mist will dilute the allergens and alleviate eye allergy symptoms, often without harsh medicines.

Reducing allergens and minimizing symptoms:


Stay indoors when the pollen count is at its peak, especially mid-morning and early evening.

Keep windows closed and use air-conditioning during peak seasons.

Wear glasses or sunglasses outdoors during peak seasons.

Allergy-proof your home; put dust-mite-proof covers on bedding and pillows and clean with a damp implement rather than dry sweeping or dusting.

Try to keep pets outdoors if you have pet allergies.

Reduce molds by keeping indoor humidity moderate (Too high humidity can breed molds, too low humidity can cause dry eyes and skin. Shoot for 40% to 50% relative humidity).

Remove contact lenses as soon as symptoms appear.

Maintaining a healthy tear film.

Put bowls of water in your house to humidify the air, especially when the heater or air conditioner are on.

Treat yourself to frequent long, luxuriant baths and/or showers (shower after baths to wash off residue).

Let as much fresh air into the house as you can, especially the bathroom.

Use an all-natural, all water eye humidifying device before and after cleansing your face in the morning and during the day whenever eye discomfort is experienced.

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