Computers, EyeMist and Dry Eye
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 24, 2011
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Computers, EyeMist and Dry Eye

New Education for Prevention of Occupational Computer Eye Strain

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Computer eye strain.

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Water Research and international water advocate, is announcing an increased emphasis on e-commerce and retail Internet accounts for Nature's Tears EyeMist, the company's patented, all-natural breakthrough product for dry eye, eye allergies and computer vision syndrome.

The top three words associated with "dry" (according to the Google Keyword Tool) are "skin" (650,000 monthly searches), "ice" (301,000 searches) and "eyes" (246,000 searches). The phrase "dry eyes" is Googled and Yahooed due to the impact of indoor and outdoor air pollution and computer dry eye (also called "computer eye strain"). Nearly everyone who regularly uses a computer experiences occupational dry eye symptoms

Sharon Kleyne (Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio talk show and the product Nature's Tears EyeMist), is researching the prevention of dry eye and computer eye strain. She is also concerned about the lack of eye health education.

"Dry eye," Mrs. Kleyne explains, "is the number one reason for United States eye doctor visits. When you combine increased computer use with an increasingly dry and polluted environment, it's no wonder that computer related occupational disabilities are becoming a crisis."

"Dry eye symptoms," Mrs. Kleyne adds, "should always be taken seriously. Tired eyes and blurred vision could lead to severe dry eye, corneal ulceration, impaired vision, lost productivity and blindness. Research is discovering that many proactive measures, such as the frequent use of an all-natural, all-water eye mist, can help prevent computer eye strain. The key is education."

Computer eye strain red flags.

Here are some questions, presented by Sharon Kleyne, that everyone who works daily at a computer should think about:

  • Do you work at a computer all day and again at night?
  • How much water do you drink a day?
  • Do you keep an eye mist such as Nature's Tears EyeMist near your computer and apply it frequently?
  • Are you proactive in keeping eyes, and the air around your desk, moist and humid?
  • Do you keep eye drops beside your computer, use them frequently and worry about exceeding the recommended daily dosage?
  • Do you work in an office with forced-air heating and cooling, fluorescent lighting and sealed windows?
  • Is the air outside your office polluted?
  • Do your eyes feel good in the morning but bother you later in the day?
  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Are you constantly stressed and rushed?
  • Do you get sleepy during the day?
  • Do you drink coffee, smoke or eat sugar snacks while working?
  • Is your productivity and attention span decreasing?
  • Do your shoulders or neck get sore when you sit at the computer? Do you get frequent headaches or allergies?
  • Are you overweight or gaining weight?
  • How often do you eat dark green leafy vegetables? What about carrots? Do you eat fish regularly or take omega-3 supplements?
  • How often do you take long, soaking baths?
  • Are there anti-stress activities in your daily routine? How often to you take work breaks? How often do you rest your eyes?
  • Are you bothered by screen glare? Have you positioned your computer to reduce glare? From your chair, do you look up, down or straight across at the screen?

According to Sharon Kleyne, most proactive measures to protect eyes, health and environment will improve eye moisture. For a list of "tips" to prevent all-natural moisture loss, alleviate computer eye strain and discover more about eye misting and computer eye strain, visit

Mrs. Kleyne recommends healthy lifestyle choices, common sense measures such as dimming the lights, raising your chair so you look slightly down at the monitor (forcing you to keep your eyes partially closed), and the use of an eye mist moisturizer.

Mrs. Kleyne does not recommended over-application of eye drops because they contain mostly artificial chemicals. Eye drops can flood and wash away the natural tear film, including lipids that seal in water and slow evaporation. Washing away lipids can actually make dry eye symptoms worse, especially if the drops are over-used. Always read and follow the label directions.

Nature's Tears EyeMist.

The only all-natural pH balanced eye mist designed to soothe dry eye and computer eye strain is Nature's Tears EyeMist, sponsor of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water. Nature's Tears EyeMist is available on under "Eye and Health Care," and "Computer Accessories."

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water.

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