Death-by-Air in China Caused by Polluted Humidity
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 16, 2011
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Polluted Humidity Discovered to Suffocate Lungs, Skin, Eyes and Breath of Life

Death-by-Air in China Caused by Polluted Humidity

Personal Hand-Held Humidifying Devices to Supplement Clean Humidity, Prevent Dehydration Diseases and Help Eliminate Death-by-Air

The humidity in the air we breathe - the tiny suspended water droplets that permeate Earth's atmosphere - is essential to life. Without humidity your lungs, skin and eyes would quickly suffocate. Humidity is the "breath of life."

In much of the world, the air's humidity is becoming alarmingly contaminated. To the lungs, skin and eyes, this "polluted humidity" differs little from extremely dry air with low or no humidity.

Polluted humidity can lead to mortality from cardiac and lung diseases, and to numerous dehydration diseases leading to dry eye, blindness and skin cancer. The rapid global increase in polluted humidity and dry air is creating a worldwide health crisis. Outdoor air pollution now kills 1.3 million people a year.

Polluted humidity is nowhere worse than in China, where pollution related mortality, which the Chinese call "death-by-air," is rising rapidly. Although the Chinese government is finally getting industrial air pollution under control, this is offset by a sharp rise in automobiles pollution. Car sales in China rose 32% in 2010.

Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water syndicated talk radio show and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, is deeply concerned about the worldwide health impact of dry air and polluted humidity, especially in China. Her lifelong mission has been to educate and empower individuals to take proactive measures on their own to protect against polluted humidity. Because of the "death-by-air" urgency in China, her efforts in recent years have focused on that country.

Sharon Kleyne advocates the distribution and use of personal hand-held humidifying devices that provide an instant all-natural, all-water mist of clean, moist humidity. The mist creates a humid envelope around the face, eyes and breathing passages that supplements the air's natural moisture. Mrs. Kleyne's hand-held humidifying device for dry eyes, Nature's Tears® EyeMist®, has been used by millions worldwide. The humidifying mist increases natural moisture (water) volume in the eye's tear film to soothe eye inflammation and dry eye.

"A small amount of water mist," says Mrs. Kleyne, "can have a tremendous impact on tear film moisture to soothe irritated, suffocating and dry eyes. The first step is to educate the public on proper eye care, the effects of dry air and polluted humidity and living with a changing planet."

Mrs. Kleyne predicts that one day soon, products like Nature's Tears® EyeMist® will be an indispensable personal amenity - much like lip balm, sunscreen, protective clothing, bottled water and toothpaste. .

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