Personal Hand-Held Humidifying Devices Indispensable to Daily Life
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 16, 2011
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Personal Hand-Held Humidifying Devices Indispensable to Daily Life

Radio Talk Show Host Discovers New Approach to Dry Eyes, Dry Skin and Dry Mouth Caused by Pollution and Dry Air

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water host is heard on World Talk Radio, Apple iTunes, Green Talk Network and Voice America.

"In an era of climate change and global warming, dry air and air pollution are creating a major health crisis. For humans to survive the coming decades, each individual must find a way to live with the changing environment. I have discovered that the only logical way to achieve this is through the widespread use of personal hand-held humidifying devices that create an instant envelope of clean, humid air."

That is the conclusion of Sharon Kleyne, water researcher, entrepreneur and host of the syndicated talk show, Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, on World Talk Radio, Apple iTunes, VoiceAmerica and Green Talk Network.

After 20 years of research, Mrs. Kleyne has concluded that many common health problems are the direct result of climate change and pollution. In some regions, air is becoming much drier, causing widespread dehydration diseases. Where the humidity has risen, pollution and temperature increases often offset any beneficial effect and cause cardiac and lung problems.

The link between global climate change and mortality rates is alarming. According to recent reports, the mortality rate from global climate change is expected to continue rising and humidity is as important as temperature in predicting mortality.

Sharon Kleyne cites global increases in allergies, use of medication, and drug, caffeine and sugar addiction. The rapid global increase in dry eye disease is a crisis even in the United States, where 80% of eye doctor visits are now dry eye related. The global blindness rate is expected to reach 35 million by 2030.

Indoor conditions and poor lifestyle choices make the dry air problem much worse. Forced-air heating and cooling, and insulated walls and windows are just as dehydrating as any outdoor condition. The widespread use of computers dehydrates the eyes and can cause fatigue, vision problems, stress, sleep impairment and depression. Depression and fatigue make it difficult to be energetic and proactive in one's lifestyle choices.

The solution, according to Sharon Kleyne, is to empower each individual to become proactive in creating their own personal healthy and humid environment.

Bio-Logic Aqua Research has become the global leader in the technology of applying pure water in a hand-held humidifying device to instantly moisturize dry eyes, dry skin and dry mouth. In 2009, Sharon Kleyne was awarded a United States patent on the "Kit and method for moisturizing the surface of the eye with pure water." To achieve this patent, Mrs. Kleyne's company developed an entirely new technology around mist dosing with personal hand-held devices. These devices have been endorsed by thousands of doctors and used by millions worldwide. Mrs. Kleyne' company, Bio-Logic Aqua Research, is the acknowledged global leader in personal hand-held humidifying devices.

Sharon Kleyne envisions a day when personal hand-held humidifying devices will be as indispensable to everyday life as lip balm, sunscreen, bottled water, toothbrushes and clothing.

China is experiencing massive health problems due to the infusion of industrial pollution into the air's humidity; and to increasing desertification. China may soon overtake the United States in the use of personal hand-held humidifying devices.

Bio-Logic Aqua currently has three all-natural, all-water products in production, utilizing personal hand-held humidifying technology: Nature's Tears® EyeMist® for dry irritated eyes, Nature's Mist® Face of the Water® for dry skin and cosmetics, and Bio Med Wash® emergency first aid and eye wash. The company has 22 additional hand-held humidifying devices in development.

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