Discover Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water on Apple iTunes: A Talk Show that Could Save a Child's Life!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - October 10, 2011
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Discover Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water on Apple iTunes:
A Talk Show that Could Save a Child's Life!

Sharon Kleyne - American Woman, Water Advocate, Business Person and Dry Eye Researcher Interviews Guest Experts from Around the World

Life Saving New Education about Water, Water Wars, Health, the New Diet, Pollution and Climate Change, and the Influence of Earth's Water in the Solar System

The recent launch of the Apple iPhone 4S gives consumers an opportunity to listen and learn from the Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water talk radio show on Apple iTunes. Each week, Mrs. Kleyne interviews researchers and advocates from around the world on topics such as global water wars, water and climate change; water, diet and nutrition; water and health, and the influence of water on Earth and the Solar System.

Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Water Research and international water advocate, is announcing an increased emphasis on e-commerce and retail Internet accounts for Nature's Tears EyeMist, the company's patented, all-natural breakthrough product for dry eye, eye allergies and computer vision syndrome.

The Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water has been syndicated on Apple iTunes since 2008. The show originates on Voice America's World Talk Radio and Green Talk Network (Search: "Sharon Kleyne Hour"). Podcasts may be downloaded from Apple iTunes to any Apple iPhone, SmartPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac computer or MSWindows computer.

Debuting in March, 2007, the Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water was created by producer-host Sharon Kleyne, global water advocate and American woman Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research. Mrs. Kleyne's research led her to conclude that there is a global health crisis in dehydration diseases caused by dry and polluted air, fresh water shortages and poor sanitation. Dehydration diseases can include dry eye, dry skin, malaria, diarrhea, melanoma and much more.

By publicizing this water crisis and educating the public, Mrs. Kleyne and her 420 past guests believe that lives can be saved. Sharon has the research background to discuss the global water crisis with leading scientists, politicians and activists worldwide. The show provides the only place where guests can discuss life-or-death concerns to a worldwide audience.

"Women have been carrying water to their villages for thousands of years," says Mrs. Kleyne, "and yet 5,000 children die each day from water related diseases. Even in the United States, our once abundant fresh, clean water is nearly exhausted, the air is becoming dryer, and dry eye is the #1 complaint of eye doctor patients."

Sharon Kleyne is facilitating a new, non-political health culture that will enable people to thrive and be healthy on our changing planet.

Sharon Kleyne Hour's show's 420 past guests include:

  • Ula Jurkunas, MD, ophthalmology researcher at Harvard, discussed her breakthrough corneal stem cell and dry eye discoveries.<\li>
  • DeWayne Cecil, PhD, Scientist for NASA and NOAA, discussed global climate change, water utilization, water on the moon and the influence of Earth's water on the Solar System. <\li>
  • Effie Chow, PhD, Chinese healing arts practitioner, talked about the Chinese diet, air and fresh water pollution in China, and dry air as a cause of dry eye.<\li>
  • Rona Tison of Japan's Ito-En Tea (Tea's Tea) talked about 5,000 years of water and tea.<\li>
  • Gerald Barnes, PhD, forest geneticist, discussed water and forest patterns globally and in New Zealand.
  • Rebecca Petris, of talked about post-Lasik dry eye and her experiences educating individuals who had become suicidal out of fear of blindness from severe chronic dry eye.<\li>
  • Marguerite McDonald, MD, Lasik surgery pioneer provided education about dry eye.<\li>
  • Philippe Cousteau, global oceans advocate talked about the world's oceans.
  • T. Colin Campbell, PhD, author of "The China Study" discussed the new vegan approach to diet and lifestyle. <\li>
  • Fred Kirschenmann, PhD, dry land agriculture researcher, described how he grows wheat in North Dakota on four inches of rain a year.<\li>
  • Steven Solomon, discussed his book, Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization.
  • Robert Weir, environmental journalist, talked about his biography of Earth Day founder John McConnell, and about his trans-global sailing trips.<\li>

Guest interviews have originated in the United States, Netherlands, Kenya, Sweden, Thailand, Rome and elsewhere.

In addition to Internet radio podcasts (iTunes Radio Service), Apple iTunes offers movies, books and TV shows through its Apple iStore.

Listen to the Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water Mondays, 10 a.m., PST/PDT. The syndicated talk radio show is heard on Voice America/World Talk Radio, Green Talk Network and Apple iTunes. Go to for written summaries and replays of past shows. Also visit,, "Nature's Tears EyeMist" on Facebook and "Bio-Logic Aqua" on Twitter.

The Sharon Kleyne Hour - Power of Water is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua Research® and Nature's Tears® EyeMist®.

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