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Dry Eye

Dry Eye Prevention.

Things you can do for yourself.

As indicated, the following prevention suggestions should also be part of any treatment program. In cases of early or transient dry eye, prevention measures alone may often take care of the problem.

  • Start by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of pure water a day (not counting coffee, tea, soda or juice). Water is the raw material for the lachrymal glands and tear film and most people do not drink enough.
  • Get sufficient sleep and exercise, and reduce stress (Your tear film rejuvenates while you sleep and small corneal ulcerations from dry eye heal).
  • Diet: Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables (kale, arugula and spinach) and omega-3 foods (seafood, flaxseed, pecans and hazelnuts).
  • Avoid high risk dry eye situations when possible.
  • Wear sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat in bright sunlight.
  • At the computer (or during any deeply engrossing task), take occasional breaks, look around the room occasionally, position yourself to look slightly down at the screen (so your eyes aren't opened quite as wide), position the screen to avoid glare, and remember to blink.
  • Crack a window in your home or office to let fresh air in - especially in the bathroom.
  • Keep plenty of house plants and, if need be, set out bowls of water to increase room humidity.
  • Place baffles on heating vents that tend to blow directly at you.
  • Take long luxuriant showers every day that allow plenty of steam and moisture to penetrate your eyes, skin, breathing passages and lungs.
  • Every week or so, take a hot body bath with a cup of Epsom salt dissolved in the bathtub water. Follow with a quick rinsing shower.
  • Keep a personal, portable, hand-held humidifying (pure water) eye mist at your desk and in your car. Apply in high risk situation or whenever eye discomfort is felt (and don't forget to use it on your children and pets)

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