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Dry Eye

Dry Eye Symptoms.

50% of those who have dry eye don't know it.

Here are the most commonly reported symptoms associated with dry eye syndrome. Note that many of the same symptoms may also indicate the presence of other diseases or disorders. And remember that mild or transient dry eye can also have no symptoms.

  • Sensation in the eyes of dryness, stinging, burning, discomfort, scratchiness or graininess.
  • Vision becomes blurred, then corrects itself after a few hard blinks.
  • Episodes of excessive tearing.
  • Inflamed eyelids.
  • Symptoms become worse late in the day or during high risk situations such as prolonged computer use, reading, a smoky room or polluted air.
  • Frequent headaches and episodes of eye fatigue, "red eye" and/or sore shoulders
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Difficulty adjusting to contact lenses.

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