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Go Green Club

Be Proactive- "Go GREEN" for Your Health

The "Go Green" Club, a guide to improving your personal environment has been created out of concern for the health of people like you. As a valued customer of Nature's Tears EyeMist, we are providing you with an educational tool to access your personal health.

  • Explore personal proactive solutions.
  • Improve your personal environment wherever you live.
  • Discover how a healthy lifestyle is a GREEN lifestyle.
  • Read about Health education / GREEN support.
  • Find out about the worldwide humanitarian mission.
  • Become part of the solution - for a healthier planet.

July is Sight Preservation Month. What better time than now is there to join Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies "Go Green" club and movement? Also be sure to listen to The Sharon Kleyne Hour hosted by Sharon Kleyne, the founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Technologies. Click here to join the club!

M. Roggasch
Director of Internet Marketing