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"Computer Eye Irritation"

Computers and Your Eyes. It happens to all “computer dependent” people (which is getting to be just about everybody). You’ve been working at your computer for hours and your eyes gradually begin bothering you. The distraction could cost you money, productivity and, eventually, your visual health. Ophthalmologists are encountering this problem more and more. They have named it “Computer Eye Irritation” or “C.E.I.”, also called “Computer Vision Syndrome” or “C.V.S.”.

    A CEI Quiz

  • Do you use a computer more than four hours a day?
  • Do your eyes sometimes burn or itch?
  • Are your eyes sometimes sensitive to light?
  • Does your vision ever become blurry?
  • Do your eyelids frequently become heavy or tired?
  • Do you get headaches from using the computer?
  • Do your shoulders sometimes feel tight while using the computer?
  • Do you have frequent eye allergies?

    If you answered “yes” to question #1 and at least two others, you may be experiencing CEI.