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IT Professionals

When was the last time you had one of these days?

Scenario One
1:30 am: the on-call pager goes off. You're at the data center within minutes.
By the time you've unclogged the mail queue, the sun has come up, and your eyes feel like they've been dropped in the sand... but there's no time to run home for a quick shower.

Scenario Two
On his way out the door, your boss reminds you that the new web server has to be up and running tomorrow morning... the server you haven't even unpacked. The install goes "smoothly", and everything's done by 3am. There's enough caffeine in the office to keep you semi-awake, but your eyes feel like they've been used as practice balls down at the local driving range.

Scenario Three
The big site upgrade has you spending more time in the data center than usual -- in fact, you've forgotten what your desk looks like. Until now, you never realized how inhospitable the data center can be: it's a great environment for machines, but not for the humans who maintain them, and your eyes literally hurt from the dry, cold air.

Perhaps you find yourself in all three scenarios, everyday.
Well there is a natural solution to the problem....Nature's Tears EyeMist®, the all new hydrotherapy mist.

Nature's Tears EyeMist® provides moisture...
  • for dry irritated eyes
  • when wearing contact lenses
  • when working on a computer
  • for eye allergies
  • in dry indoor areas
  • while traveling on airplanes
  • while driving a car or truck
  • in smoky, dusty or windy air
Avoid being in the above scenarios by reaching for Nature's Tears EyeMist®.
"Now, doesn't that feel better".

One more compelling reason to try our product;

Become part of something that is bigger than you.