Best Red Eye Relief Could Be an All-Water EyeMist

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Best Red Eye Relief Could Be an All-Water EyeMist

Nature's Tears® EyeMist®

Everyone has seen TV ads for medicated eye drops that supposedly relieve a condition called "red eye." Recent research by Sharon Kleyne at Bio-Logic Aqua Research has discovered that the best red eye relief might not be an eye drop or a medication at all but a simple, all-natural water mist applied to the air in front of the eyes. .


There are many causes of red eye, some dangerous and requiring a doctor's attention and some completely harmless. Not all red eye causes will respond to medicated eye drops. Causes of red eye include eye allergies, dry eye, glaucoma, drug reaction, blepharitis, subconjunctival hemorrhage, pterygium, scleritis, episcleritis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The most common cause is dry eye, a dehydration condition that will, in fact, respond to red eye relieving eye drops. However, Sharon Kleyne's research and indicates that dry eye responds best to a soothing 100% all-natural water mist.

Dry eye induced red eye commonly occurs when a person is tired, has been partying or drinking, has been using a computer for hours, driving for a long time or has engaged in heavy labor or physical exercise, especially outdoors in direct sunlight, cold weather or wind. These circumstances may cause the protective tear film covering the eye's exposed portions to lose a portion of its water content to increased evaporation and become dehydrated. The surface of the eye is 98% water.

This tear film water loss results, among other things, in a release of inflammatory hormones resulting in red eye and other dry eye signs such as eye discomfort, itching an burning.

Red eye medication is usually a decongestant that shrinks small blood vessels exactly like nose drops. The best application for red eye relief is a pure, all-natural, 100% water eye mist using a personal hand-held humidifying device. The eye mist will achieve the same soothing objective as the drops but more naturally and conveniently, with no eye drop discomfort, potentially allergenic preservatives or potential for addiction.

Nature's Tears® EyeMist®. The best - and only - all-natural water mist for relief of dry eye related red eye..

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