Sharon Kleyne Announces That Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is Only the Minimum

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Sharon Kleyne Announces That Eight Glasses of Water a Day Is Only the Minimum

Despite recent theories, Sharon Kleyne, Water Entrepreneur, announces that eight glasses of water a day is only the minimum.

Grants Pass, OR (PRWEB) April 29, 2013

Sharon Kleyne, water entrepreneur and founder of water research company Bio-Logic Aqua Research, addresses the ongoing disagreement among nutrition experts about how many glasses of water you should drink a day.

Expert opinions range from zero glasses (you can get all the water you need from fruits, vegetables, juice and soft drinks) to half your body weight in ounces (however, if you weigh 300 pounds, drinking 150 ounces of water a day could drain your body of potassium and make you ill). The current popular theory is that you don’t really need to drink any water unless you are thirsty, have a fever or are showing overt dehydration symptoms (such as a dry mouth).

For Sharon Kleyne, this is one of the most important questions that anyone who seeks to be proactive in optimizing their health, can ask. Mrs. Kleyne has spent most of her adult life researching and educating the public on the subject of human water intake.

The question is important because water and oxygen are the two most basic substance required to sustain life. The human body is 60% to 70% water and body cells cannot live without water. Water mixes with nearly every substance in the body and is necessary to move things around, regulate temperature, digest food and get rid of waste. Mild dehydration (lack of water) can affect your mood, energy level and ability to think clearly.

Researchers agree that the amount of water each person requires per day differs according to their genetics, size, gender, activity level and the weather. It has been estimated that on average, humans require between 13 cups or 3 liters of water a day (men) and 9 cups or 2.2 liters a day (women).

Eight glasses, each containing 8 ounces of water, is 64 ounces a day or 1.9 liters. Sharon Kleyne believes that this is not enough.

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