Sharon Kleyne - 49-Year Marriage and Business Partnership

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Sharon Kleyne & Willem Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne - 49-Year Marriage and Business Partnership

Inventor, entrepreneur and water advocate Sharon Kleyne, Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, Inc., recently celebrated her 49 wedding anniversary.

"I never expected to marry somebody with just a high school education," says Kleyne. "But it couldn't have worked out better. Especially in business."

Willem Kleyne was born in Utrecht, Netherlands and came to the United States as a child. Always a tireless worker, Kleyne managed a large motel in Grants Pass, Oregon for 17 years and speculated in real estate for several more years. In 1989, the couple co-founded the Bio-Logic Aqua Research Center to develop their unique 100% water skin and eye misting devices.

Bill thought up many of the company's copyrighted names, built the bottling plant from the ground up, established the quality control laboratory, and developed the specialized technology for the company's water mist products.

At age 72 Bill rarely rests. If he's not working on bottling plan equipment, he's repairing the company's access road or working on the irrigation system for the family's hay fields.

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