Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Warns Not to Take Water for Granted

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Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne Warns Not to Take Water for Granted

In Much of the World, Water Shortages Are Normal and Baths Are a Luxury

Radio commentator and water advocate Sharon Kleyne is deeply concerned about the potential for water shortages in the United States. Because of this, she has issued a public warning to all Americans that our water is at risk and must never be taken for granted.

According to Kleyne, anyone in the world who is able to drink a glass of water, wash their hands or take a bath whenever they choose, is extremely fortunate. The water in your tub from a single bath, Kleyne notes, could keep a family in Somalia alive for a week Each day, thousands of people around the world, including children, die needlessly because of fresh water shortages, unsanitary water and water wars.

In the United States, says Kleyne, we have unlimited water at our fingertips, 24 hours a day, for pennies a gallon. Unless we take decisive measures to protect this water, it might soon disappear. .

Sharon Kleyne is host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show, heard live or by podcast on World Talk Radio, Voice America, Apple iTunes and Green Talk Network. She is also the Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, a water research company.

According to Kleyne, public awareness is a major factor in resolving water shortages. For example, when a Southern Californian takes a bath, they should know that their water might be imported from Colorado, which is experiencing its own water shortages and may soon be unwilling to export water. The water might also be the result of bitter negotiations between agricultural and municipal water interests in which supplying water to one side will always be at the expense of the other.

Mrs. Kleyne is optimistic that these problems can be solved, not only in California and Colorado but in Somalia and elsewhere. According to Kleyne, despite increasing worldwide drought, rapid population growth and widespread pollution, there is enough fresh water for everyone. The problem is lack of infrastructure and distribution, corrupt of impoverished governments, lack of cooperation, not enough water conservation, and most of all, lack of an educated public.

"The more the public is aware," says Kleyne, "the harder it becomes for political leaders to ignore the problem. And a good place to start is to know where your bath water comes from."

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