What is the Eye Blog Combines Research and the Best Eye Health Suggestions

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What is the Eye? Blog Combines Research and the Best Eye Health Suggestions

What Everyone Should Know About Eye Care

What is the eye? is an Educational blog sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua Research and Nature's Tears® EyeMist®. The objective is to provide the best education about eye care, emphasizing information that might not be readily available to the average person.


The primary focus is the eye's constant need for water. The surface of the eye's cornea is 98% water. Dry eye, or insufficient tear film water, is the number one reason for ophthalmologist visits in the United States. Maintaining eye hydration is essential to the best eye health. Hydration and dehydration are among the most overlooked and poorly understood aspects of eye care. .

Because "What is the Eye"" is an Internet site, every visitor uses a computer. The "What is the Eye?" blog's initial educational report emphasized the risks of eye dehydration and computer eye strain (CES) as part of the best eye care.

Excerpt from the initial blog entry:

What is the eye? Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research, has been researching the global dry eye crisis for over a decade. Her research has developed important new information about the connection between eyes, water, computers and the brain.

What is the eye? Computer use is usually accompanied by a significantly decreased blink rate, which increases tear film water evaporation, leading to dry eye, eye discomfort, dehydration, blurred vision, eye inflammation, eye allergies, fatigue, headache, computer eye strain, poor eye health, glaucoma, stress, depression, etc.

The good news is that Sharon Kleyne is adamant that computers can be safe for the eyes - If the user is educated about the best eye care!

What is the eye? We know our visitors use computers and we know they experience dry eye symptoms. By visiting often and writing to us with question or comments, we can discover the best information together and help others understand "what is the eye?" And by applying what we learn, the computer can be used safely and without worry or discomfort!

educated about the best eye care!

What is the eye? To quickly hydrate the eyes to prevent dry eye an computer eye strain, the best eye application is Nature's Tears EyeMist to the eyes and face several times a day. Apply the mist whenever eyes feel uncomfortable or you are in a high risk environment for dry eye and eye dehydration.


Nature's Tears® EyeMist®. The best - and only - all-natural fresh water mist as an alternative add-on application to soothe, humidify and refresh the eyes.

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