Sharon Kleyne, Water Advocate Urges Much More Research Into Air and Fresh Water

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Sharon Kleyne, Water Advocate Urges Much More Research Into Air and Fresh Water

Radio Commentator Sharon Kleyne Is Excited by Recent Discoveries of Sub-Glacial Lakes and Billion-Year-Old Water

Water educator and advocate Sharon Kleyne has called for increased worldwide research into the life sustaining properties of fresh water, including the water in the air (humidity) and in the ground. A far better understanding of water is important, says Kleyne, because without water, all life on Earth would quickly vanish.

Sharon Kleyne is the host of Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show and Founder of Bio-Logic Aqua Research in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Recent breakthrough discoveries have persuaded Kleyne that our knowledge of the properties of fresh water has barely scratched the surface. To Kleyne, these recent discoveries underscore how much is still to be learned. .

For example, immense lakes of liquid fresh water were recently discovered beneath thousands of feet of frozen glacial ice in Antarctica, at temperatures well below freezing. The water may contain living organisms. Scientists are attempting to develop a way to study this unique water without contaminating it.

Also of interest to Kleyne are the pockets of fresh water, estimated to be up to 2.6 billion year-old, recently discovered trapped between rock formations in deep mines throughout the world. The ancient water contains living microbes that appear to have gone un-evolved for 2.6 billion years. The water, which can be dated by helium decay, could reveal many clues about the Earth environment at the time of the origins of life.

"To live with nature on Earth," says Kleyne, "humans must learn everything possible about the delicate and complex factors affecting life, especially the water and air. Nature is always in control and the Earth is capable of providing everything humans need. However, each of us must be ultimately responsible for choosing whether to live our lives in a way that influences nature positively or negatively. .

Above all, Kleyne concludes, human must understand and appreciate their absolute dependence on water and humidity. To achieve that understanding, and to make sue we always have the tools to assure that our influence on nature is positive, there must be research.

Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water radio show is heard live or by podcast on World Talk Radio, VoiceAmerica, Apple iTunes, and Green Talk Network.

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