Sharon Kleyne - Exercise to Avoiding Dehydrationy

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Sharon Kleyne

Sharon Kleyne - Exercise to Avoiding Dehydration

"Exercise impacts our daily fluid needs", states Sharon Kleyne. We can lose large amounts of water during exercise, mostly in the form of sweat. Maintaining your hydration level is not only important to exercise performance and safety, but to the ability to recover properly from an exercise. This is especially true for individuals who may be exercising several times throughout the day, startng a second exercise without proper hydation can be detrimental.

Sharon Kleyne says it is important to continue to consume fluid during exercise as well as after. Because it's difficult to measure actual water loss, you can estimate the amount of water loss by looking at the loss in body weight during exercise. This is a usefull method because body weight loss during an exercise session is mostly due to water loss. By measuring the water lost during exercise, you can determine how much water you need to drink to bring yourself back to a state of normal hydration.

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